About AssistEdge Marketplace

The AssistEdge MarketPlace aims to harness the energy & insight of the broader ecosystem- enterprises, technology consultancies, software vendors and automation enthusiasts to drive greater innovation and contextualization to the AssistEdge Platform.

Customers benefit from the ability to access extremely relevant automation capabilities with effort savings in deployment, faster time-to-value and greater quality.

Publishers are able to better demonstrate innovation around business process and domain.

The Marketplace has been built designed the following guiding principles:

  • Skill offered on the marketplace must serve a meaningful business purpose- around dimensions of productivity, quality, access to new capability.
  • Skills must be intuitive for usage with quality documentation. We believe in keeping things simple.
  • Collaboration is key to make this successful and rewarding for all our stakeholders- enterprise customers aiming to further automation, system integrators aiming for productivity enhancements and product vendors building direct integrations.
  • Offering a safe environment is critical for innovation to flower- we exercise diligence around onboarding publishers, customers and likewise on functionality and security of marketplace skills to the extent possible.

Our aspiration is to continuously evolve to make the marketplace relevant for our ecosystem needs.

We would be extremely keen to hear ideas from you at SupportAssistEdgeMP@edgeverve.com around what we could do better, and areas that we should focus on, in developing automation skills