Frequently Asked Questions


What is AssistEdge RPA?

AssistEdge RPA is a leading automation platform from EdgeVerve, with over 350 enterprise customers. The platform provides scalability, security, and innovation and has over 100,000 bots in production and 50 million transactions processed on it monthly.  The platform is recognized as a leader by Forrester and recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for RPA Software.

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How can I learn AssistEdge RPA?

AssistEdge is a leading cohesive automation platform built with a holistic suite of automation and AI capabilities. From automating repetitive manual tasks and improving data quality, to enhancing better customer experience, AssistEdge has got you covered. AssistEdge enables enterprises to realize the full potential of automation by offering assuring scalability, security, Intelligence, and Innovation.

You can start learning AssistEdge RPA by using the Community Edition. You can interact with other users on our Forum

What is AssistEdge Marketplace?

The AssistEdge Marketplace is an ecosystem for driving innovation in Automation. It helps customers


  • Discover new areas for automation
  • Push the boundaries of automation in their enterprise
  • Tap into a wide range of functions & domains skills built by partners

Achieve automation objectives faster

  • Tap into ready to use ‘skills’ to effortlessly ramp up automation
  • Expand their automation footprint through custom-built skills
  • Leverage pre-defined standards to build reusable, customizable skills

Build partnerships within their organization and outside

  • Exchange ideas and share insights
  • Request for custom skills for their specific automation needs

I am an enterprise user. How can my organization start using the skills from the Marketplace?

AssistEdge Marketplace has a catalogue of pre-built, user configurable skills that can provide execution timeline reduction up to 50%, effort reduction up to 70%, training time on RPA reduction by 2-3 weeks and improved employee satisfaction by automating repetitive and mundane tasks.

The skills are tested extensively and only the most secure skills that clear our stringent tests are offered to our enterprise customers.

Please reach out to us on and we shall help you in on-boarding your organization.

I am a student/professional. Can I download and use the skills on the Marketplace?

Yes, AssistEdge Marketplace has a catalogue of pre-built, user configurable skills that can help you automate your mundane and repetitive tasks.

All you need to do is create a free account for yourself by clicking here. Once you sign in, you can download all the Free skills that are available on the Marketplace

Is having an account on the marketplace mandatory to download free skills?

Yes. Creating a free account is necessary to use any skill available on the Marketplace.

It also helps us tell you when we add new skills, or bring in new benefits for you.

How can my organization become a publisher on the Marketplace?

Thanks for your interest!

We are always excited to partner with innovative, customer centric organizations.

Please fill the Become a Publisher form available on the top-right corner. We shall reach out to you.

I am having trouble downloading the required skill from the marketplace. What should I do?

We are sorry that you are facing issues.

Please reach out to the publisher of the skill by writing to the support email id mentioned on the skill page and they shall help you out.

How can I receive latest updates on the marketplace?

We are excited to have you on-board our RPA journey.

Learn about the latest happenings in the RPA and AssistEdge world by subscribing to our newsletter.

How can I see these skills in action?

We are happy to show you the true power of AssistEdge and how your enterprise can benefit from it.

Please contact us on and we will be schedule a meeting with you.