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RPA, IT Process Automation, Cognitive Process Automation, CoE, RPA Support, Consulting and Resourcing


Bigiota is one of the leading service providers of Robotic Process Automation, IT Process Automation, Cognitive Process Automation and BPM.
The company provides the most intelligent and smoothest automation journey to its clients who start small and then scale seamlessly using Hyper Automation.
Bigiota recognizes that when it comes to automation, one size does not fit all. Our company is the only focused provider of business & IT process automation technologies to offer a portfolio of solutions, designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, small teams, growing companies and large enterprises.
Bigiota’s automation solutions are holistic, quick to deploy and provide the best value for money. We help organizations choose the best suited products & solutions as per their requirements and budget. We are one of the early adopters of RPA CoE concept.
Bigiota is trusted by well-known corporate brands in India across domains – BFSI, Logistics, HR Services, Manufacturing, Pharma & others.
Bigiota is a preferred partner of EdgeVerve and works very closely to provide integration services to their clients.

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