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EV Skills Factory is an arm of AssistEdge Services. The team comprises over 500 automation specialists having deep experience in deploying the AssistEdge platform and the Marketplace skills.


EV Skills Factory (an arm of AssistEdge Services team) has over 500 specialists with vast experience in deploying AssistEdge and the skills listed, with integrations tailored to customer environments. The team is located across the globe with flexible models to support implementation at customer locations and from lower-cost location. Key highlights of the team capability include the following

  • Implementation of over 10,000 processes with over 100,000 bots currently live for customers
  • Enabling over 50M transactions monthly
  • Supporting over 350 enterprise customers globally
  • Deep expertise across multiple sectors- including financial service, insurance, healthcare and telecom.
  • Expertise across process domains, with over 1000 ready use-cases that could deliver significant value for customers

Key highlights of implementation include the following:

  • Automation of extremely complex processes – e.g. Automated a booking process spanning 623 steps that interfaces in real-time with 7 systems.
  • Ability to drive automation at scale for enterprise customers- many of the customers leverage over 50 bots with our larger customers deploying as much as 300 bots.
  • Creation of new capability beyond cost reduction and efficiency- some customers have leveraged capability to develop new products, significantly lower customer satisfaction and prevent cost leakage

The team has a variety of contractual models to engage with customers – the intent is to ensure customer delight by delivering the right solution for the customer context with an efficient delivery model & rapid time-to-value.

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