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Infosys Robotic Test Automation team focuses on leveraging RPA technology in test automation space to solve problems being faced with the traditional test automation tools.


Infosys Robotic Test Automation Framework helps companies harness the power of latest technologies such as AI, ML, RPA & Chatbots to transform their quality assurance practices to achieve faster time to market, enhanced customer advocacy, optimal operational efficiency and minimal production defects.

The four key focus areas where RPA is being pioneered in Quality Assurance, are:

  • End-to-End Enterprise level Automation: Using the technology agnosticism of RPA tools, we are able to automate all the different types of applications across the enterprise, replacing multiple traditional automation tools using a single RPA tool. This helps organizations save in maintenance and tool costs.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Automation of UAT is done by converting traditional test cases to real life workflows and developing model-based automations which the business users can easily understand and maintain
  • Next Gen Automation: We are utilizing RPA tools to automate use cases which are beyond the reach of traditional automation tools. E.g. Citrix/VM based automations, Unstructured data processing etc.
  • Quality Assurance BOTs: Manual quality assurance tasks such as test data management, test environment provisioning, batch job monitoring and test management are automated

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