Validate user via Active Directory(AD)

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Validate user via Active Directory(AD)


Verifies user credentials against Active Directory data store for successful authentication


Download Instructions

  • Download the skill Zip file.
  • Start Automation studio Click on Admin tab, and then navigate to Bot Menu.
  • Click the Microbots option, and then click on CREATE.
  • Add new microbot window popup appears. Choose the Import Microbot option.
  • Click Browse Microbot. The Open window appears.
  • Browse and select the zip file of the current skill, and then click Open.
  • The skill details are auto populated, and then Click Save.
  • If the Microbot dll file already exists in the environment, a new window appears stating Do you want to Upload. Choose one of the below options as applicable-
    • Select Yes to override the existing dll in the environment. Your skill is successfully imported, and the imported skill is available in the Manage Microbot page with a Marketplace tag.
    • Select No if you do not want to import the microbot.
  • Now your skill is successfully imported & your imported skill will be shown in the same Manage Microbot Page.

How to Use

Download the PDF file from “Additional Information” tab and follow the Steps of How To Configure provided into the PDF File.

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  • Published on 09 June 2020
  • Last updated on 25 September 2020
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