Data Quality Analysis Between MSSQL Tables

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Data Quality Analysis Between MSSQL Tables


Automate data quality analysis across MSSQL tables.


Third-party components used


Data Sent Externally


Tests Done

  • Functional testing: The product is reviewed for functionality for the stated functional scenarios. This would typically entail a manual checks on multiple test data sets to ensure right outcomes.
  • Tested using: MSSQL
  • Security Testing: The software is scanned using industry-leading tools on both the binary and the source code (if available for manual code review). This ensures that business users have greater comfort that the deployed automation is safe from potential hackers
  • Manual Code Review: The software has been manually reviewed for the logic structures and examined the functionality, that it has been designed for. This helps ensure that there is greater coverage of the conditions including exception scenarios that need to be managed (e.g. unexpected file-format, access failure etc.)
  • Open Source Testing: The product is examined for usage of open source artifacts and their license terms, to ensure that this usage is in line with guidelines.

While EdgeVerve has undertaken reasonable efforts to conduct the above tests on the skill, it does not warrant or represent that tests are sufficient or adequate. You are advised to conduct any additional product testing and discuss with the publisher for any additional details.

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  • Published on 13 July 2020
  • Last updated on 29 July 2020