Schedule PO Delivery Reminders from SAP

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Schedule PO Delivery Reminders from SAP


Automated generation of delivery reminders from SAP to vendors for delayed or imminent deliveries


About The Skill

This iPro Skill enables a systematic process to send reminders for imminent and delayed deliveries to vendors on SAP

Key components

  • Gather a list of vendors with deliveries that are either delayed or approaching deadline. (the list could also be sourced from a SharePoint folder)
  • Sort the list and aggregate by vendor. Eliminate the vendors who are in an exclusion list.
  • Send an email to the vendors with a customizable template – separate versions for delayed and imminent deliveries
  • Customized report on delivery status of reminders sent (bounced, out-of-office etc)


Larger enterprises typically procure from a variety of suppliers with timely shipment being critical to managing low inventories and having smooth business functioning. This might requires follow-up with vendors on shipmen- and this needs to be managed efficienctly. Key benefits from this skill include:

  • Ability to save manual effort entailed in gathering the required information and sending out reminders.
  • Structured report on delivery status helps procurement teams try alternate contacts in case of email delivery failures

Overall, the skill should help the procurement team streamline the overall delivery process

Systems Interfaced

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Excel
Works with AssistEdge RPA 18.0, 17.6
Skill Version v 1.0

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  • Published on 20 November 2019
  • Last updated on 25 September 2020
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